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Make Green your New Red for Valentine’s Day

Variety of Fresh Herbs

Is your love a little glum from all this white stuff falling from the sky?

We have an Idea that will make your sweetheart glow with happiness while bringing a little spring green to home and health. A hand-planted indoor herb garden is the perfect gift, and it keeps on giving. Flavourful meals, and a splash of green, who could ask for more?

Here’s how to get it going!

Choose a planter:

Shop around your local garden and home improvement centers, there are pots for every taste and style. You could even get creative and decorate a simple planter. Just make sure there is a hole in the bottom of the pot or box for drainage, and you have a base for water to drain into. Try to stick to containers that will sit on window ledges for maximum sunlight.

Buy some herbs & soil and plant:

There are a few recommended herbs (see below) for indoor winter gardens, your chance of success are better if you stick to these. A little birdie told us that greengate garden centers,, will have 4” potted herbs very soon. To plant, stick to regular indoor potting soil

  • Thyme
  • Mint
  • Oregano
  • Rosemary
  • Chives

What next?

  • Present to the one you love
  • Water, fertilize once a month with watered down 20/20/20 solution
  • Keep in the sunniest location in your home
  • If you need to add a boost of light, try shining a full spectrum light bulb on your garden
  • Grow, cook, enjoy… and love!

If you are hankering to grow little baby herbs from seed with your sweetie, you can find a mini greenhouse, called a terrarium, at Spruce It Up Garden Center, .

Every gardening endeavour requires a little luck and a little effort. There are no guarantees. But go ahead, get dirty, and make this Valentine’s Day a beautiful shade of spring green.