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Three R’s of Avalon Sustainable Building

ZEN-ConstructionBe resourceful, reclaim, and responsibly dispose of what you don’t need. These are the principles of Avalon. We build green and strive to make healthy homes for you and the world.

There are many R’s in the way we build ZEN and all our Avalon communities. We take great pride in finding new and innovative ways to lessen our footprint on the Earth and to leave more for future generations.


Construction sites generate a lot of waste, but Avalon’s unused goods do not go into the landfill. Calgary Waste Control takes all the waste and ensures it is recycled. Wood is made into chips for mulch, shingles melted for paving oil and drywall, which is 100% nitrogen, is made into fertilizer. In this one act we reduce waste, recycle and reuse. Proudly, 95% of everything leaving the site is recycled.


Our ZEN projects use factory built walls. These CAD drawn walls maximize material usage and anything left over can be used in more walls. The overall amount of sheathing and lumber required is greatly reduced from standard stick-framing. Built in a controlled weather-free setting, there are fewer delays, and the walls arrive on site dry and ready for building.


Composite exterior wood stairs are used in ZEN for walk-up garden homes. Made from recycled plastics, the stairs last longer than standard lumber, are maintenance free and completely resistant to mould, rot and decay. They will be around for a very long time, carrying our homeowners safely, through all the seasons.

The Avalon Promise:

For 30 years Avalon has been building sustainable homes. We plan to continue to make them better and closer to Net Zero, for a long, long time. Good for you and good for the earth, because Avalon Cares.