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Avalon Master Builder Receives SAIT’s President’s Partnership Award


Avalon Master Builder is proud to be the recipient of the SAIT Polytechnic President’s Partnership Award this year. The award is given to companies who have a long-term commitment with SAIT, are dedicated to its vision and to the Calgary community.

Avalon is a leader in Alberta’s home-building industry and has been a long-term partner with SAIT in the area of green building technology. The partnership has resulted in improvements in new home construction while involving students in leading-edge environmental construction projects. Avalon is always exploring and innovating with new projects in energy efficiency and sustainable building practices.

When someone purchases an Avalon home they will save money on energy bills, have a draft-free home with no “cold spots”, improved interior air quality and reduced future maintenance costs. This will not only save money, time and effort but it will improve the health of those living in this masterfully crafted home.

A net-zero house generates as much or more energy than it consumes. This includes the energy used to heat the home, hot water, lights, appliances and any other daily living needs. In order to do this, Avalon uses state of the art energy efficient construction techniques and equipment with renewable energy resources.

Avalon is grateful to be recognized for its efforts to make a difference in the community and wants to thank SAIT for making such a great partner. Avalon has three partners that are SAIT alumni so we will continue to say thanks by giving back to SAIT, and other important community organizations.