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How Avalon’s CFO gets your home built better….with his special CFO powers


Avalon cares:

To our valued town home and detached single-family homeowners it may seem most of the work done by Avalon is construction. Although construction is vitally important, a team of hard-working and dedicated people are behind the scene, constantly working in other ways to make sure your home is built with our superior construction quality and care. Simply because Avalon really does care!

About Rob – Chief Financial Officer (CFO):

Rob works for both of Avalon’s companies, Avalon Master Builder in Calgary and Avalon Central Alberta in Red Deer. He wears many hats each day to ensure the companies are working smoothly. “I love what I do,” says Rob. “I have a wide variety of roles and get to be involved in all parts of the business…. my days are always different and interesting.”

A few things in a day in the life of Rob:

  • Rob always makes sure we are on track to deliver the highest quality construction materials at an affordable price, and those benefits are passed along to our Avalon homeowners.
  • Rob keeps our workers happy by making sure they are paid on time so our homes are delivered on time too!
  • Rob deals with the Lawyers ensuring land titles has approved re-division so we can hand over homes
  • Rob takes care of insurance for the projects and oversees insurance policy transfer to the strata/condo corporation
  • Reporting: a lot of financial reporting is required for investors, managers and Alberta New Home Warranty (ANHW) so we can keep building great homes for you
  • Monitors internal systems and processes so we have quick and easy access to information for customers

What Rob loves best:

“I love that all the people believe in what they do. We have great people, a flexible environment and the opportunity to do different things, all the while providing superior new home construction.”

Avalon loves building homes, visit our website at so we can get building for you.