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Leed Certified Calgary Home BuilderAvalon has First LEED Certified Platinum Home in Southern Alberta

Avalon Master Builder’s Discovery 5 House is the first LEED Certified Platinum Home in southern Alberta. Built in partnership with SAIT and Homes by Holmes, Discovery 5 House is a state-of-the art environmentally sustainable building constructed to test the latest developments in green building technology and materials.

The Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) rating system, used by Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC), determines an overall level of environmental stewardship for each building by assigning points to elements in the home, landscaping and location.

“Discovery 5 being a LEED Certified Platinum Home is a huge accomplishment,” explains Chris Williams, General Manager of Avalon Master Builder. “There is an extraordinary amount of planning that takes place before, during and after construction to make sure the extensive elements required to reach platinum certification are all in place and work efficiently.”

Discovery 5 utilizes solar panels on the garage and house to run energy systems in the home. Any excess energy is fed back into the utility grid. An underground 14,000 Liter cistern gathers rain water to use in landscaping, cold laundry and toilets. The rain water is also pumped to a large interior living wall on the main floor that serves as natural air filter and provides a beautiful feature. The water management/irrigation systems in Discovery 5 reduce water demand by 94%.

Recycle materials are found throughout Discovery 5. The upper level flooring was salvaged from a gymnasium at a local school, the large risers of the open-rise stairs were made from a tree cut down in the front yard and counters are made from recycled glass.

There are many more features and technologies that make up Discovery 5 House . Elements learned through being a builder of LEED homes are incorporated into every Avalon home. With a passion to build net-zero homes at no extra cost to the homeowner, Avalon believes in preserving more now, and leaving a healthy legacy for generations to come.