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Avalon Master Builder is a leader in green building and is committed to building homes with the highest standards in energy efficiency and sustainable building practices. This makes building with insulated concrete forms (ICF) an excellent option, and it was (and still is) the best option to build with in our new GLAS townhomes. But really, what does ICF mean to you, and why should you care?

If the walls of GLAS could talk, they would sell themselves. ICF homes really have quite a few advantages for you, the homeowner, so let’s take a look at each one individually, shall we?

Lots of Insulation

ICF walls allow for up to R-28. This is 40% better insulated than your typical home and it means less money out of your pocket to heat your townhome when living in GLAS.

They Don’t Blow

ICF homes are poured as a single large block, similar to a concrete basement wall. Using this technique means ICF structures are not affected by insulation gaps and thermal bridging (like a wood-frame structure would be), which means they have less chance for air to move through cracks. It makes your home much more comfortable – Just think of ICF as a warm blanket wrapped around your new GLAS home.


These walls have insulation on both sides of the concrete, which means they reduce noise by up to 30%. Could there be a better option for the inner city? Your neighbours can party all they want and your home will still be your little haven.

Bring it On, Mother Nature!

ICF buildings are extremely resilient to, floods, earthquakes and severe storms. They have withstood winds of up to 200-300 mph. They won’t rot or mould, and are not affected by insects like a home with a wood-frame structure would be. The building will be around for a very long time and require much less upkeep than a wood frame house. Your investment in a home built like GLAS will be sound.

It Won’t Burn Down

ICFs are extremely resilient to fires and have a 4-hour fire rating (in general, the wall will hold strong and resist extreme temperature transfer for approximately four hours). Should something happen you and your belongings are protected – This will give you peace of mind.

All in all, ICF’s create superior, energy efficient walls that provide long-term, energy cost savings. ICFs will ensure your home is safe, while adding great resale value to the building on top of all the aforementioned benefits. This is why Avalon has chosen to build GLAS out of ICF and why you should consider GLAS for your new home.