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To help with your routine and seasonal maintenance

Exterior Water Lines


Shutting off your exterior water lines is an important maintenance chore that will prevent your water lines from freezing during the cold winter months. We suggest completing this maintenance during the fall months before the temperature drops below zero and the ground begins to freeze.


Heat Recovery Ventilator


Your HRV unit is an important part in maintaining the air quality, balancing air pressure and promoting heat conservation in your home. The filers inside should be cleaned monthly. If you have a large family or have a few pets these filters can get filled quickly and not be 100% effective.


Hot Water Tank


Your hot water tank is an essential component in your home and is sometimes overlooked when it comes to annual maintenance. It is important to partially drain your hot water tank once a year to remove any sediment build up that is sitting in the bottom of the tank.


Thermostat Batteries


Is your thermostat blinking? If so, it is time to change the batteries. We suggest monitoring the battery indicator on your thermostat and change the batteries before the screen begins to blink.


Door Adjustments


Interior and exterior doors will need adjustments done to them on occasion. When you notice light coming through the bottom of your door or if the door is not snug once closed then it is time to make some minor adjustments.



“There is no power to the outlet in my kitchen/bathroom?”

–        All bathroom and kitchen outlets are on GFI circuits. For the kitchen there will be one outlet on the backsplash that has a RESET button on it, pressing that button will restore the power to the plugs. The island plug is on a separate circuit, and the RESET button for this is in the mechanical room.