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Messy colorful clothing on white sofa on white wall background

For some of us the only thing worse than a cluttered home, is actually cleaning a cluttered home. The key is getting your home in order and then figuring out an organizational system that works for you.

  1. Go through every room and get rid of things you no longer use.
    Dedicate one week to each room in your home. Take the time to go through every closet, every drawer and take every single item out. Put things into a keep pile, a maybe pile or a discard pile. Be realistic about the last time you used the item and whether you will miss it when it’s gone.

    • Start with the kitchen. Take an inventory of all utensils and cookware and get rid duplicates, damaged items or things no longer used.
    • Tackle your closet last. It can be difficult to throw away clothes because we have a tendency to think we may be in the mood one day to wear something that we haven’t worn in months. It’s important to be realistic. When you have established a pile of clothes you want to keep, organize them into seasons. Put all your summer clothes in containers and when summer comes, swap them out and put your winter clothing away. This will create more room in your closet, making it easier to see what you have, and choose an outfit.
  2. Make a home for every item you have decided to keep.
    Walk around your home and pick up items that are lying around and making your house look cluttered. Buy a little basket for your TV remotes, a hook for your keys and a container to sort your utensils. Write down everything you need and pick a day to go out and buy the organizational units, as well as larger storage containers for the things you don’t use every day, like linens or Christmas decorations. When everything has a place, tidying up on a daily basis becomes easier and also more enjoyable.
  1. Develop smart buying habits.
    Analyze every new item you are about to buy and envision where in your home you will put it. Ask yourself if it will serve a purpose, or just take up space. If you are replacing something, get rid of the old item as soon as you bring the new one into your home.

Now that everything is in order, the challenge is to keep it that way. Dedicate 10 minutes before you to go to bed toward cleaning your house and making sure everything is in place. This way you avoid doing one big overwhelming tidy at the end of the week and your home always looks presentable. Waking up to a clean kitchen also makes the mornings a lot more enjoyable!