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Avalon Master Builder and SAIT are finalists for the new People’s Choice Emerald Award (you can vote for us here) for our Platinum LEED Certified Discovery 5 house. Emerald Awards honour outstanding efforts in environmental stewardship and innovation in Alberta. Discovery 5 house, located in the Calgary inner city community of Altadore, is the latest in a series of Avalon green built homes used to test cutting-edge green building technologies and environmentally sustainable products.

Designed with healthy living, clean air and ultimate style in mind, Discovery 5 provides a sustainable lifestyle. The home boasts an impressive 94% reduction in water use through rain water capture, storage and reuse, along with earth-friendly and water-wise landscape design utilizing indigenous, non-invasive, drought tolerant plants.

Advanced solar energy panels mounted strategically on the home’s sloped roofs, is another way this innovative and avant-garde home provides a healthy and comfortable living. As part of a research and development project with SAIT, different types of solar panels test energy production based on location, angle and shading. As a net-Zero home, the overall use of electric Grid energy must balance with solar energy production so there is a net-zero draw on paid energy. The end result is an energy bill averaging $3.00 per month.

A living green wall is another healthy and beautiful feature in the home. Connected to the exterior rain water reservoir for all its hydration needs, the wall of air filtering plants provides an ever changing work of natural art.

We are honoured to be nominated for this year’s new People’s Choice Emerald Award. At Avalon we believe passionately in the preservation of the environment and work to ensure our homes reduce the building footprint on earth.

Please take the time to vote for SAIT and Avalon Master Builder for a People’s Choice Emerald Award.