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The New frontier of homebuilding

Discovery House Series

The Avalon Discovery House series tests and demonstrates the latest in resource-efficient technologies and construction techniques for suitability in Alberta’s unique climate.

We’ve come a long way from our Discovery 1 House in 2005, built under newly formed Built Green guidelines. Since then, measurable improvements over a standard building code house have been made to Avalon’s home building program. With five Discovery houses completed, many steps have been taken to fulfill Avalon’s vision of building 100% of our homes as net-zero homes. It means meeting the needs of today without compromising the environment’s ability to meet future generations’ needs.

Avalon’s Standard Green Features

Many of the products and techniques tested in the Discovery houses are now part of Avalon’s standard home building specifications. The benefits to Avalon’s customers are immediate, measurable, and significant. Energy efficiency, draft free comfort, healthier air quality, durable materials, and monthly savings all add up to a better quality house.