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Building Green

Simply Better Built

Sustainable building practices represent the platform for all the homes we build. Avalon Master Builder leads the way as a pioneer green homebuilder since 2003, always exploring and innovating with new projects.

All Avalon built homes must meet third party standards in energy efficiency and sustainable building practices. Each home is tested by a trained, independent expert and given an EnerGuide™ rating – just like your appliances – that certifies the energy efficiency of your home.

Why do we bother? We believe the extra effort to build a better quality house for our customers is worth it. When you purchase an Avalon Home you will benefit from:

  • Measureable energy savings that will save you money from the day you move in
  • A more comfortable draft-free home with no “cold spots”
  • Avalon standard ventilation systems which improve interior air quality so your family can breathe easy with better health
  • Reduced future maintenance and replacement costs because Avalon homes are more durable, saving you money and time

The best part is you don’t have to compromise style or affordability to benefit from these features. So really, why would you not buy a sustainably built home?

 What is a Net-Zero House?

A net-zero house generates as much, or more, energy as it consumes over an annual time period. This includes the energy used in heating the home, domestic hot water, lights, appliances, and daily living needs.

Avalon’s vision is to build net-zero homes for no additional cost to consumers.

To achieve net-zero performance, Avalon combines state of the art, energy efficient construction techniques and equipment with renewable sources of energy such as solar power.

 The House is a System – Greater Than the Sum of its Parts.

Net-zero performance can only occur when all the parts work together in an optimal way. A house operates as a system of three major parts, each impacting its overall performance:

  • The building envelope
  • The mechanical system
  • The renewable energy system

The reward is a durable, comfortable, healthy, and energy efficient home that people love to live in.

The net-zero standard when implemented beyond one house at a time creates enormous potential for environmental change. On average, the construction of one net-zero home will reduce greenhouse gases by 7.5 tonnes to 15 tonnes every year*.

*over the life of the house, compared to a comparable code built house.