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Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids

Brown Bagging for Calgary Kids works with Calgary schools to identify kids who are hungry, and finds a way to feed them. They deliver free healthy lunches to students that may otherwise go hungry.

The organization began as Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Street Kids in 1990, with the focus of providing lunches for homeless children. The program continued and evolved through the 1990’s, and in 2002 became an official charity. After learning in 2005 that hunger in schools was a big problem, BB4CK shifted it’s focus, and dropped the word “street” from the name, focusing on all hungry children in Calgary.

With the help of volunteers, BB4CK provides about 2,000 lunches each day for children. The lunches are prepared in either the main kitchen or other locations provided by community groups in the city. When an individual or corporation makes a donation of any size, the effect is immediate. It costs about $1 to feed a child, so the impact of any donation is easy to calculate.

Avalon employees in Calgary regularly donate time to BB4CK. Not only is it a great form of team building for employees, it creates a sense of fulfillment as well. It’s important to spend time bonding with your coworkers outside of an office setting, so why not dedicate that time to helping your community? BB4CK’s downtown kitchen is an awesome place to plan your next team building activity. They invite groups of up to 12 people to work shifts starting at 8 a.m. and ending between 11 a.m. and noon. If you would like more information on booking a time for your group, check out the website: Individuals are also encouraged to volunteer.

As of 2013, BB4CK feeds students in about 100 of Calgary’s 300 schools. They hope to eventually work with every school in the city, so help them spread the word. Brown Bagging for Calgary’s Kids has one goal: no hungry kids in Calgary. Do your part in making that happen!