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Avalon and SAIT Industry Partnership Improves Net Zero House


In the recent 2013 Applied Research Student Showcase, SAIT, recently named #1 research college in Canada, continued their industry partnership with Avalon by presenting a project utilizing the collaboratively built and sustainable Discovery House 4. The Discovery houses, five so far, are an ongoing research and development project spearheaded by Avalon and partners such as SAIT to learn more about advances in green building practices. Supporting education and helping young people learn the technology and skills to build and design net zero homes is important to Avalon. We are proud of the students at SAIT for their initiative and innovation in this project and look forward to working with them on Discovery House 6.

As the opening presentation in the Student Showcase, SAIT students designed, built and installed various sensors to monitor the efficiency of systems in Discovery House 4, measuring variables such as humidity in the walls and energy consumption. Each Discovery home, and projects such as SAIT’s, provides valuable information that is transferred in to the general body of knowledge of green building and net zero homes. Many advances are also added to Avalon’s green building practices. At Avalon, we believe our responsibility is to reduce the environmental footprint we leave on the earth, leaving more for future generations than we take. We hope our example will inspire those around us to make changes to their homes and lives to help the environment.