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We don’t just like giving back to the community.

We love it.

To say Alberta has been good to us would be a massive understatement. For 30-some years, the people at Avalon have been able to do what we love, day after day, which is why it’s so important for us to give a little back. We want to say thank you, and we figured under the circumstances, a card just wouldn’t do our gratitude justice.

Avalon Master Builder supports the following important community organizations:

  • The Mustard Seed
  • Calgary Public Library
  • Kids Cancer Care
  • SAIT
  • Dupoto Initiatives Tanzania
  • Sheldon Kennedy Child Advocacy Centre

Mustard-Seed-Alberta               sheldon-kennedy-child-advocacy-centre             KidsCancer            800px-SAIT_Logo            CPL            DupotoInitiatives